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Want to Volunteer, but not sure if this is for you?

The trainee program allows you to be with West Point Fire CERT to see the action first hand. The trainee program consists of an on-line FEMA course, this allows you to understand what the CERT program is all about and what may be required for you to do. 

Once this is completed you fill out the Trainee application and drop it off at the West Point Fire Station at 195 Spink Rd in West Point along with a copy of the FEMA course certificate or mail it and the Certificate to West Point Fire CERT, PO Box 315, West Point CA 95255. 

WPT Trainee Application 

The Trainee program ends 395 days after your paperwork is approved by the CERT Program Manager. So you have up to 395 days to see if this for you or to attend the next 20 hour Basic CERT academy. 

Speaking of the Basic CERT academy, The Calaveras Emergency Response Team, conducts these academies through out the year. This is required to be a Full West Point Fire CERT member. If you are flexible and can wait until the next Basic CERT academy, then this is your next best option. You will need to complete the West Point CERT application, which is then dropped off at the West Point Fire Station. Once a Basic CERT academy is scheduled, you will be notified. 

WPT CERT Application 

If you want to help as soon as possible then we suggest that you take the on-line FEMA course, fill out the Trainee application and enter the Trainee program. Once your application is approved by the Program Manager, you can then start helping immediately, under supervision of course. You can attend all West Point CERT training classes as well as any emergencies/non-emergencies that West Point Fire CERT responds too. 

Whatever you decide we hope you come and join us to help our community. 




Updated 03.02.2018