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Welcome to the West Point Fire
Community Emergency Response Team!

During and following a major disaster first responders will be overwhelmed and may not be able to meet the high demand of emergency services such as search and rescue, medical services, and fire. In these situations, communities members rely on each other for help. Family members, neighbors, and fellow employees will try to help each other until professional services can arrive. Attending the CERT 20 hour training course will enable local residents to learn how to prepare themselves, their family, and their community for a disaster. This training will also show individuals how to safely respond in disaster situations, and how to organize in the aftermath of a disaster.

The Mission of the West Point Fire Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) is to provide information that will save lives during extraordinary emergency events and hasten the resumption of normal operations during the recovery process.

Working with West Point Fire, the Calaveras Sheriff's Department, AL Post 108 Medical Response, Cal Fire and others that provide training and support of:

Disaster Medical Responses
Light Search and Rescue
Fire Suppression and Safety Education
Team Organization and Safety
Amateur Radio Communications

With Continuing Education and training exercises, West Point Fire CERT is be able to assist the West Point Fire Emergency Responders with Motor Vehicle Accidents,  Light Search and Rescue, Traffic Control, Fire Fighter Rehab, First Responder Medical and Air Ambulance Land Zone assistance.

For more information regarding West Point Fire CERT, please contact: 

Sam Hernandez
West Point Fire CERT
PO Box 315
West Point, CA 95255
(209) 293-4010

The West Point Fire CERT is an 501(c)3 charitable organization that operates through in-kind donations and financial contributions.


West Point Fire CERT Meets:
:00PM on the THIRD Wednesday each month
Veterans Building 22273 Hwy 26
West Point, California




Updated 11.10.2019